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Secrets of Gaining an Escort’s Trust

It does not matter who you are, the amount of money you have or who you know. When you contact an independent escort for the 1st time, she’ll want to screen you. Female escorts screen their clients to protect themselves from nasty clients with abusive histories from other escorts. Escorts screen clients in different ways. Some do more broad checks than others. They might do online checks; visit the client’s working place or even their homes just to know them well. Escorts are very sharp and keen and a small mistake can make them turn down your request. Below are a few ways of earning the escort’s trust.

Always tell the truth

The last thing an escort expects you to do is to tell a lie. Female escorts are perfect in reading people. This is a tool they need to survive in this business. They can easily tell when you are not telling them the truth. Don’t lie about your look, age, work or any other thing. The escort uses this information to decide whether you are a threat to her. When you tell her a lie, you are giving her grounds to believe you are hiding something. This can cause her to cancel your meeting at once. Or she might decide to defer it to intensify her screening.

Avoid being defensive

Every time an independent Chennai escort asks you questions, she isn’t trying to force or pry information with any other aim. She’s just trying to check whether it will be safe booking a date with you. Getting cynical or giving partial or vague answers to her indicates you are hiding something. Getting shifty either stops or delays the screening process. It is therefore wise to cooperate and deliver information openly. Once you cooperate, it probably might be the end of your screening process with this particular escort.

Secrets of Gaining an Escort’s Trust

Give your real name

Many VIP female escorts will double-check you when they are meeting you in a hotel. When you get to a hotel, book a room using your real name or the one you’ve given to her. Escorts or their agency regularly contact hotels and inquires for their clients by name. If they don’t get you, they may pull the plug on your encounter.

Follow directions

Some escorts screen their clients by eye-balling them. For example, she may request you to walk one block to her place. This way, she’s able to observe you from her window. Failure to follow these instructions might be a sign that you are trying to creep in. This leads to an automatic cancellation of your meeting.

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