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Reasons why Married Men Go For Escorts

The largest percentage of tourist rich men has had an encounter with an escort at least once in their lifetime.  A survey done recently has shown that 15% of all men and 10% Indians hire call girls frequently. Many people think the reason why men go for female escorts is due to lack of sexual satisfaction in their homes, which is not true. There are many other reasons that many have no clue of. These include:

  1. Feeling wanted

When a husband approaches his wife for sex, they do because they want them with no conditions attached. However many wives place orders around sex. This makes men feel unwanted. And since they know he’ll have to pay for the sex he gets from his wife later, he opts to pay for an escort.

  1. Having control of sex.

In many families, it’s the woman who dictates, when, how and where they’ll have sex. This puts their husbands off without their knowledge. An independent female escort has realized this secret, and tends to capitalize on it.

Reasons why Married Men Go For Escorts

  1. No strings attached.

Many married men opt for female escort services that he pays for than having a free extra-marital affair. An independent escort knows well this is a business transaction and don’t follow up on their clients later.

  1. Emotional connection

A man who feels emotionally neglected will seek the service of an independent escort in Chennai to satisfy his craving without risking losing his marriage.

  1. Desire to indulge in fantasy.

They respect their wives innocence.  Hence there are some services they’d never request from them for fear of being offensive. On the other hand, escorts can literally do anything to please their clients.

  1. Insecurity

Some men seem to have some psychological problems they opt to cover by going for a female escort. Independent escorts understand this well and help them gain their confidence temporarily.

  1. Confusion about love

There are men who mistake the rush for first romance with love. He doesn’t understand that love is all about inner emotional attachment. He therefore moves from one female escort to the other looking for love.

Reasons why Married Men Go For Escorts

  1. Having unreasonable expectations.

Some men expect their wives to meet with all their emotional and sexual needs throughout their lives. When this is not accomplished, they go for experienced mature escorts for satisfaction.

  1. Addiction

When a young man gets addicted to call girls, he might not be able to control it after he’s married. Others have sexually compulsive (uses sex as an escape from uncomfortable emotions, self soothe etc).

  1. Easy way of getting hotter women

For you to have a chance to sleep with a hot woman it takes much time and resources. Having a hot female Escort in Guindy area is however just a call away.  Other men believe independent escorts are the hottest and go for them to honor and satisfy that cravin

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