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How to Handle Surprise Clients as an Independent Escort?

Nobody likes the drop by type of people who never call in advance. They assume its okay to show up impromptu at your doorstep. Much as you hate them showing up in your typical life; imagine how much more annoying it is when you are an escort. As a newbie in the escorting business, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and out of your element when dealing with a surprise client. However, it is imperative to learn how to deal with this type of client and fast before he quickly escalates into a problem. So how do you deal with an impromptu client?

Set boundaries

An impromptu client is clearly someone who has no respect for boundaries or schedules. Be firm in reiterating your rules and make it clear that no one gets services without scheduling an appointment. Ankita, an escort at Bhavini Datta Agency warns that surprise clients are not just the ones who show up unannounced, also those who want to stay beyond their scheduled time and those who demand for additional unscheduled time fall under the same category.

How to Handle Surprise Clients as an Independent Escort?

Surprise clients are a discretion risk

While some surprise clients may be trying to come off as endearing by showing up at your door; they pose a major discretion and security risk to you. For starters, showing up at obscene hours may pique the curiosity of your neighbors and family members. Secondly, it is a security risk for you since you are likely off-work and have no security detail on call. Third, showing up unannounced involves the risk of running into another client. This can jeopardize your client list and chase away good clients. Tina, an independent Chennai escort recalls the day she had to call the authorities to remove an impromptu client from her home.

How to Handle Surprise Clients as an Independent Escort?

Accepting a surprise client is setting a precedent

Geeta, a girl of Bhavini Datta Agency warns against making an exception. She accepted a walk-in client who showed up out of the blue only to have him come back over and over again. As tempting as it is, especially if you had no client at the time, resist the temptation to take in a surprise client. She ended up with a stream of impromptu clients who showed up whenever after the client she made an exception for talked about it in his review. If you make an exception for one client you will have to do the same for the rest of them.

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