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Few Things a Women Wish Her Men to Have in Bed

Women and men perceive sex differently. Men are all visual and straight to the point. Women need seduction and wooing to get there. Many a time, men don’t put much thought into satisfying the woman and women are left hanging. Well, we have been talking to women and what they like in bed. From our research, here are the best moves you can apply to rock her world.

1.    Add-Day Seduction

For women, sex does not begin in bed. It is a conclusion to an emotional build-up. Start by sending flirty texts all through the day. Flowers and chocolate will go a long way in keeping her in the mood. At the end of the day, dinner and wine will put you over the top. The reward for applying yourself will be evident in the bedroom.

Few Things a Women Wish Her Men to Have in Bed

2.    Being Manly

Even though there is talk about gender equality and all, women still appreciate chivalry. According to our source, an independent mature escort, the more confident and manly you are, the more attractive you get. Women are attracted to a man who is not afraid to be a little rough. Display of raw, animalistic desire for your woman is incredibly sexy. So, don’t hesitate to let your wild side show. Pin her to the wall or spank her bottom, it’s all perfectly acceptable in the bedroom.

3.    Maintaining Eye Contact

Guys underestimate the power of maintaining eye contact when making love. Sex is deeply intimate and eye contact makes it more so. Looking straight into your woman’s eyes says you like what you are seeing and feeling. According to Verily, a female Chennai escort, eye contact is a very important move towards making your female partner achieve her Big O. You can talk to her or just look at her and the effect will be the same.

Few Things a Women Wish Her Men to Have in Bed

4.    Be Adventurous

Intercourse can become boring if you fall into a habit of the same styles over and over. And as well all know, boredom is the leading cause of infidelity. Try to keep your bedroom activities fresh by researching new, exciting ways to shag. Some styles are ridiculous and you may end up having lots of fun and laughs as you try to get into the various positions. You never know, you may find a new favorite position.

Additionally, sex does not have to be always indoors. Let your naughty side shine as you try outdoor sex for the first time. Go on a picnic and enjoy a toss on the grass or do it on the balcony at your boring neighbor’s party. It will make for a great memory and the danger of getting caught will add to the excitement. It should be free, flexible, and unique to the two of you. If you take your time to please your woman, you will end up having better sex than the quickie you are used to.

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